• May 24, 2023

Jelly Church – May 2023

Jelly Church – May 2023

Jelly Church – May 2023 800 600 Sutterton Parish Church

14th May 2023

Our normal Jelly Church tea of pizza, sausages, sausage rolls, crisps and cake together with a drink and of course ‘jelly’ was supplied and eaten with relish

Each child was given a cardboard box previously made by a member of the Jelly Church Crew and asked to decorate it to their own taste. Various stick or images were supplied.

The boxes were to hold the ‘Chocolate Truffles’ that the children were about to make as their craft activity of the day. The truffle mixture had been pre made and each child was given enough of the mixture to make at least three truffles each. They first of all had to divide the mixture and make it into balls by rolling it in their hands (previously washed of course) and this done trays containing desiccated coconut, chocolate sprinkles and multi coloured hundreds and thousands were available for them to roll their truffle balls in. The whole procedure was very messy but the end result was lovely. Father Charlie helped the children with their efforts and no doubt sampled a truffle himself.

The finished truffles were then put into paper sweet cases and placed in their previously decorated boxes.

The boxes were then tied with ribbon for the children to take home

Next months JELLY CHURCH will be held on Sunday 11th June where the children can bring their favourite Teddy or other cuddly toy which will be taken to the top of the Church Tower and descend on a zip wire to their owners on the ground.

We do this annually and it is very popular. Initially some children are a little reluctant to part with Teddy but when they see how much Teddy or other favourite cuddly toy is enjoying himself/herself they want to do it again and again.

See you all on the 11th June at 3.30pm.