Trash or Treasure with Colin Young

Trash or Treasure with Colin Young


Come to Sutterton Parish Church on Friday 14th June 2019 for “An evening with Antiques Expert and TV Auctioneer, Colin Young”.

Starts at 7pm.  Tickets are £10.00 and includes a glass of wine and light refreshments.

Feel free to bring something with you for Colin to talk about too.

Ticket available from the PCC, or call 01205 460590, extension 2.

Church History Upgraded in the Paper

Church History Upgraded in the Paper

More than 1,150 years of church history in Sutterton is set to continue after a £300,000 makeover for the village’s oldest building.

A dedication service for St Mary’s Church took place recently when members and guests had their first proper look at the results of a two and a half year restoration project.

Sutterton church

The work included providing St Mary’s with a new kitchen and toilets area, replacement drainage system, church office, refurbished effigies and a watertight roof.

Restoration work at St Mary’s Church, Sutterton, was partly funded by a £182,200 grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund. Photo (TIM WILSON): SG-210918-067TW
One of the guests at the service was Carl Andrews, director of Nottinghamshire-based Soul Architects, which oversaw the restoration work at St Mary’s and an adviser on church restoration projects for Lincoln Diocese.

Mr Andrews said: “The nice thing about is that you can’t see where the work has been done because it’s very subtle and ever since the project was completed, it has received nothing but positive comments.

“It’s always good to see a building being used that provides a much-needed facility for the community and how our interventions are being incorporated into the daily life of the church.

“We’re very satisfied with the work and a lot of people have said how much they like it.”

David Mossman, the Rev Sue Hentley, The Bishop of Grantham (centre), the Rev Charles Robertson and Janice Despicht at St Mary’s Church, Sutterton. Photo (TIM WILSON): SG-070419-013TW
Nearly two-thirds of the work was funded by a Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) grant of more than £182,000, on top of an initial £25,500 offered to the church by the HLF in September 2016 to prepare a plan for the restoration project.

The Rev Charles Robertson, priest of the Haven Group of Churches which includes St Mary’s, said: “The reordering of this dear old church took place at the same time as the life of it continued in its normal vein.

“This is a wonderful declaration of the hard work done by the local congregation and churchwardens in Sutterton.

“St Mary’s a well-loved and well-valued church and I think its restoration stands it in good stead for the future.”

Last Sunday’s dedication service was led by the Bishop of Grantham, the Right Rev Dr Nicholas Chamberlain, and the Rev Sue Hentley, a curate (assistant priest) for the Haven Group of Churches.

Dr Chamberlain said: “It was a great honour to be invited to Sutterton and see the work that has happened which is fantastic.

“I’ve always felt very welcomed here personally and this restoration work will help the congregration to show hospitality to others.”

This article is directly from the Spalding Today website.

Flower Festival 2019

On Saturday 27th April to Monday 6th May 2019, we have the annual Flower Festival – ‘Scarecrows and their Partners’.

It’s open daily from 10:30am til 5.30pm.

We have refreshments, lunches, plants, flowers or course and so much more . Coaches welcome, plus we have disabled access and modern toilet facilities for all.

Party in April

Are you interested in what has been happening in the church in the past year?

Even if you don’t set foot in the place from one year to the next, it’s worth coming along and having a look to see how your lottery money and the cash bequeathed and saved over the years has been spent.

Sunday afternoon 7 April 2019
11am to 3pm

There will be tea and cake

Afterwards, at 3-30 pm, there will be a short service where the Bishop of Grantham will dedicate the new works.

Download our poster by clicking here.

Project Update

Nearly there!

So what’s left to do?

There are a few defects to put right and the contractor, Stone Edge, has still to install ramps for disabled access on both sides of the building leading to the lavatories on one side and the café area on the other. We hope this will be completed by the beginning of March. As to the “putting right” the main thing is the servery floor where the laid linoleum floor has not been a success. At the time of writing the solution remains unclear but all concerned understand that it cannot stay as it is.. so it will be sorted.

At last the water connection to the church has been completed and we can begin to explore and appreciate the plumbing and electrical system we have. The latest cold snap has caused a little concern. The church, when not in use, can be an extremely cold place and it has been vitally important to avoid any sort of freeze up. So far so good. It has been shown that provided common sense precautions are in place, we should be able to keep everything serviceable in very cold conditions.

In the old days decorating the white walls of the building was a daunting job, with the necessity of applying multiple coats of lime wash to the walls. (Lime wash had to be used because it was the only thing that allowed the walls and plaster to “breath”.) Modern paint technology to the rescue! Now we have been able to cover walls with sometimes only a single coat of the up-to-date stuff that not only breathes, but doesn’t rub off on your clothes.

Now the task for us is to clean up the mess that has accumulated over the months as the work has been done, then put everything into its proper place and to bring our new facilities into full use.

The plan is to celebrate the completion of the project with everyone in the community and other people who have assisted in making all this happen.

Here are a few photos of the updates.

Christmas at St Marys: Village Carol Evening

Christmas at St Marys: Village Carol Evening

Christmas at st Marys Sutterton

Sutterton Village Carol Evening on Tuesday 4 December in church starting at 7pm.

Carol singing accompanied by Swineshead Silver Band
Carols from the children of Fourfields School
Parade of Lights by the children of Jelly Church

Father Christmas a gift for all children

A visit from Father Christmas with a gift for every child

Mince pies, tea and coffee afterwards

Remembrance Sunday 2018

Remembrance Sunday 2018

sutterton remembrance sunday

Sunday 11th November this year will commemorate 100 years since the end of the first world war.

We will have a Service of Remembrance at 10am when the names of the men from Sutterton, who made the ultimate sacrifice, will be read out.

Refreshments after

Coffee will be served afterwards, and then we will go to the war memorial for 11am for the 2 minutes silence and a short Act of Remembrance.

We will remember them.