• April 5, 2024

Jelly Church March 2024

Jelly Church March 2024

Jelly Church March 2024 800 600 Sutterton Parish Church



10th March

Jelly Church arrives on the 2nd Sunday of each month, but before the event the five ladies who make up the ‘JELLY CHURCH CREW’ have to decide a theme for the craft and purchase/prepare food for the Jelly Church tea. This month the Jelly Church event fell on ‘Mothers Day’ and the crew decided it would be nice to mark the occasion with a floral display and a card for Mum and so they assembled in the church some 45 minutes before kick off.

June arrived to get the kitchen underway to serve the drinks and to get ready for putting out the eats. First job – get the kettle on. Janice came in carrying the dishes with oasis in, plus some foliage for the craft and Jelly and Crisps for the tea. Christine arrived with a bucket full of carnations, the cards she had made for the children to finish for mum and the pizza for tea. Mary arrived with the sausage rolls and sausages and Eileen with her lovely cup cakes.

All set and raring to go.

10 children turned up with their parents, which considering the fact that it was Mothering Sunday, was a good turnout.

After tea had been consumed everyone gathered around the craft tables and after a brief demonstration started placing carnations and other foliage into the oasis to make their floral displays. We now have 10 budding flower arrangers, the finished displays were brilliant.

Flower arranging complete we moved onto the cards. Each child stuck a label into the card which read ‘HAPPY MOTHERS DAY’ love………… they then added their name to the card and addressed the envelope to mum.

After tidying up each child left with their dish containing their floral display plus a card for mum. The children looked pleased and so did the mums. All in all it was a great afternoon despite the heavy rain outside.

Notices were given out inviting everyone to our POP IN morning on Friday 29th March from 10.00am to 12noon. This is Good Friday and there will be Hot Cross Buns for everybody plus an Easter egg hunt for the children of the Jelly Church.

Next Months Jelly Church will be held on Sunday 14th April from 3.30pm where our craft will be ‘a cup cake case surprise’. Hope that has got you all guessing what this means. To find out come along on the 14th April at 3.30pm.


N.B. Our thanks to the staff of Suzanna’s Hair Studios in Sutterton who organised an Easter Chocolate Raffle for their customers.  As a result of this raffle they raised a phenomenal sum of £237 which they most generously donated to JELLY CHURCH funds.