• November 3, 2023



JELLY CHURCH – OCTOBER 2023 800 600 Sutterton Parish Church


15th  October

The October Jelly Church was held on the third Sunday of the month as opposed to the normal second Sunday. This was because the 8th of October was Father Charlie’s final service before retiring and as such was a Group Service attended by parishioners from the other churches in the Haven Group (ie Swineshead, Donington, Wigtoft and Bicker) as well as our own and after the service a reception was held to both thank and say goodbye to Father Charlie.

In the absence of a Vicar we were honoured to be joined by Nicholas (Nick) Chamberlain who is the Bishop of Grantham and Elizabeth (Liz) Ward who is Rural Dean for the Boston area and is normally based in Trinity Church in Boston

Additionally we had some 24 young people many with their mums and dads. Unfortunately two of our regular Jelly Church Crew members were missing due to illness but the remaining Crew members managed to lay on the normal Jelly Church tea consisting of Pizza, Sausage Rolls, Cocktail Sausages, Crisps, Cakes a drink and a bought in Jelly pot to replace our usual bowl of jelly.

Our project for today was Pumpkin Carving for Halloween and in our excitement we forgot to hand out the jelly pots as the children rushed to the back of the Church to pick a Pumpkin (kindly donated by a local farmer) and with the help of Bishop Nick and the Revd. Liz plus the many parents, cleaning out and carving of the pumpkins began.

The carvings were all different and both children and adults became very creative.

When the carving was over both Bishop Nick and Revd Liz spoke to the children and concluded with some prayers.

At the end the children departed clutching their Pumpkins and a pot of jelly (better late than missing out the thing that Jelly Church is named after) together with their parents and we look forward to seeing their works of art on their doorsteps at the end of the month.

Next Months Jelly Church will be held on the 12th November (2nd Sunday) at the usual time of 3.30pm. Our craft for the day will be to make Christmas decorations for both the Jelly Church Christmas Tree and our one at home. As it is Remembrance Sunday we will take a minute to honour our fallen heroes.

See you all on the 12th November at 3.30pm    – THE JELLY CHURCH CREW