• October 4, 2023

Jelly Church – 10th September 2023

Jelly Church – 10th September 2023

Jelly Church – 10th September 2023 800 533 Sutterton Parish Church

The September Jelly Church will be the last with Father Charlie as he is retiring as a Parish Priest and moving up to Yorkshire

All the children attending were treated to our sit down tea consisting of Pizza, Sausage Rolls, Cocktail Sausages, Crisps, Chocolate Cake and of course Jelly plus a drink

Our craft activity this month was to decorate biscuits.

The biscuits were Gingerbread shape (but not flavoured with ginger) and also some in the shape of a pony.

The children and their parents decorated the biscuits using icing sparkles, icing pens and plenty of icing stars plus many other edible decorations. Everyone had a lot of fun decorating their biscuits and when the decorating was done the biscuits were put into bags and boxes for the children to take home.

The child who had been coming to Jelly Church the longest was asked to give Father Charlie a present on behalf of the Jelly Church children as a thank you for all his help and involvement over the years.

The gift presented was a ‘teddy bear’ dressed as a train driver. Father Charlie loves steam trains and from the Jelly Church side it marked many happy years when the children’s favourite cuddly toy (mainly teddys) descended to their owners via a zip wire from the Church tower.

Father Charlie was delighted with his gift and closed the afternoon with a prayer and a photo was taken to mark the occasion.

Next Month our Jelly Church will take place on the 15th October (Third Sunday) where we hope to be joined by Nicholas, The Bishop of Grantham and our activity will be Pumpkin Carving which when finished can be used at home for your Halloween celebrations and of course we shall also have our Jelly Church tea.

See you all on the 15th October at 3.30pm. Let’s have a bumper turnout and show the Bishop what a great time we have here in Sutterton.