• February 7, 2019

Project Update

Project Update

Project Update 150 150 Sutterton Parish Church

Nearly there!

So what’s left to do?

There are a few defects to put right and the contractor, Stone Edge, has still to install ramps for disabled access on both sides of the building leading to the lavatories on one side and the café area on the other. We hope this will be completed by the beginning of March. As to the “putting right” the main thing is the servery floor where the laid linoleum floor has not been a success. At the time of writing the solution remains unclear but all concerned understand that it cannot stay as it is.. so it will be sorted.

At last the water connection to the church has been completed and we can begin to explore and appreciate the plumbing and electrical system we have. The latest cold snap has caused a little concern. The church, when not in use, can be an extremely cold place and it has been vitally important to avoid any sort of freeze up. So far so good. It has been shown that provided common sense precautions are in place, we should be able to keep everything serviceable in very cold conditions.

In the old days decorating the white walls of the building was a daunting job, with the necessity of applying multiple coats of lime wash to the walls. (Lime wash had to be used because it was the only thing that allowed the walls and plaster to “breath”.) Modern paint technology to the rescue! Now we have been able to cover walls with sometimes only a single coat of the up-to-date stuff that not only breathes, but doesn’t rub off on your clothes.

Now the task for us is to clean up the mess that has accumulated over the months as the work has been done, then put everything into its proper place and to bring our new facilities into full use.

The plan is to celebrate the completion of the project with everyone in the community and other people who have assisted in making all this happen.

Here are a few photos of the updates.