Delivery Phase Update: National Lottery Heritage Fund Project is complete

We are incredibly pleased to record that the Delivery Phase of our National Lottery Heritage Fund Project is complete. Everyone who uses our church or who appreciates its historical significance and beauty will understand that we have been able to repair and enhance the building thanks to lottery players. Thank You.

The building work, now completed, involved the repair of the north transept roof and associated masonry, repointing and securing of other masonry, the provision of lavatories, (including for the disabled), improvement of access for the disabled, the provision of catering facilities and storage space. The overall object has been to make the building weather tight, to make it a convenient and more comfortable place and to give everyone the opportunity to understand something of the history of the building and community. On that front it may be said that to anyone with an interest in our historical heritage, the story of St Mary’s church that emerges is incredibly interesting and exciting. Thanks to the Lottery we have been able to provide material to provide an observer with some understanding of the development of the building to an extent which fits their level of interest. The material has been directed towards people of all ages, regular users of the church, occasional visitors, those attending special events and people who in the normal course of things never set foot in the building.

The list of material funded by the National Lottery Heritage Fund  is as follows:

Large movable display boards that show highlights of the history and development of the building.

Enhanced Church website,

Full colour glossy Guide book    (for sale in church price £2)

Single sheet (folded leaflet) with basic history of the building. (free).

Here follows some photos that illustrate the repair and enhancement work that has taken place.

It will be recalled that prior to the Project there was  not even running water in the church. Now we have a fully functioning catering facility and toilets. All this has meant extensive groundworks to connect the sewerage and the fresh water supply. In effect it led to a deep hole being dug in the road outside.

Perhaps the most spectacular sight associated with the work was the scaffolding and temporary roof to allow the repairs to the North Transept

All images at a glance: