• February 23, 2017

Lottery Fund Project News February

Lottery Fund Project News February

Lottery Fund Project News February 150 150 Sutterton Parish Church

The Repair and Re-ordering Project took a big leap forward last week when a machine was brought into the north transit that was capable of lifting two people up to the underside of the roof – see photo below.

Sutterton Church Lift Works

On the first day it was used by our architect, Carl to evaluate the condition of the timbers before he puts together a repair specification. He was followed by a structural engineer who will advise Carl on the methods of repair.

Second day with Nottingham Tree Ring Laboratory in St Marys Church

On the second day specialists from the Nottingham Tree Ring Laboratory came to take core samples of the main timbers in the north transept roof. Not all timbers are suitable for dating but the word is that ours should be.  The hope is that we will have a preliminary dating report by next week.

Altogether, once Carl has the report from the structural engineer (also due in about a week) he will be able to start to draw up the repair specification and work on the preliminary design of the lavatory and servery. So far so good.

For more information on this project, please visit the Lottery Heritage Fund page.