• January 17, 2017

HLF Sutterton Church Project Update

HLF Sutterton Church Project Update

HLF Sutterton Church Project Update 150 150 Sutterton Parish Church

Here is a project update on the HLF plans for St Mary’s Church in Sutterton.

Following the rules of the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) we have been through a competitive tendering process before appointing an architect for the project. This has involved seeking expressions of interest from qualified conservation architects, then sending out to each a bundle of information along with an invitation to tender. In due course a number of tenders were received and from these the three most competitive were invited to come and see us. It has been difficult to choose between these three but we are happy to announce that Carl Andrews (Soul Architects) who is based at Worksop has accepted our invitation to be our architect.

Meanwhile, we have had permission from HLF to start the project and we have received 50 % of the development grant. In effect, this enables us to appoint the architect and commission the necessary professional help that will be necessary to complete our second stage application which we aim to complete by September this year. Specifically we have already commissioned a report on the conservation of the stone effigies that are in the south transept.

We will be having our first project meeting with Carl this week and very soon the Diocesan Advisory Committee will be visiting for the first time since our success with HLF; specifically to advise on the future of the effigies.

For further information on this whole project, please visit the Heritage Lottery Fund Project page, under the History menu.

We will report further progress as it happens.

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